Radioshow #1254 feat. Andy Rojas

1st hour - Tune Brothers

No Matter What - Holocene, Benjamin Barth (Babert Extended Remix)
Eternal Lover - Bibi, Sami Dee, Da Slammin Phrogz (DJ Kone & Marc Palacos Remix)
Dancin´ - Earth n Days feat Divine (Extended Mix)
Erase U - No Requests (Extended Mix)
Feel Ma Boogie - Illyus & Barrientos, Danny Howard (Extended Mix)
Don´t Mind Me - Chapter & Verse (Extended Mix)
Broken Piano - Twntin Quarantiono
In The Groove - - Maxinne feat MOYA (Extended Mix)
Flashback - Manuel Ribeca, Mat.Theo (Original Mix)
Give It Up - Marcos Carnaval, Donny Marano (Extended Mix)
Marika - Riccardo Gravina (Original Mix)
Wanna Be - Pepe Le Punk (Extended Mix)
Can You Relate - Don´t Blink & Redux Saints 


2nd hour - Andy Rojas

Let´s Go Dancin - Andy Rojas (Special Edit)
Sundown - Biscits
Love On The Line - Kormak (Original Mix)
Work It - Malachi
Day Three - Andy Rojas (Original Mix)
By My Side  - Ferrreck Dawn feat Anthony Valadez (Extended Mix)
Save Me - Kevin McKay, Cassimm (Qubiko Extended Mix)
Somewhere Special - Qffaiah, Cat Connors (Club Mix)
Deep End - John Summit (Extended Mix)
Day Two - Andy Rojas
Day One - Andy Rojas
In Arms - Ferreck Dawn & Robosonic (Extended Mix)