Radioshow #1226 feat. Alex Harrington

1st hour - Tune Brothers

Aquatic - Nora En Pure (Extended Mix) - Enormous Tunes
Ain´t No Sunshine - Crazibiza, Laurent Simeca (Original Mix) - Pornostar Records
Deep Inside - Daniel Dash (Original Mix) - Play And Tonic
Never Quit - Croatia Squad (Sons Of Maria Extended Mix) - Enormous Tunes
Oh Baby - Danny Alpha, Madd Gee (Original Mix) - Soho Music Movement 
Got The Feeling - Andrey Exx, Tom Forester, DJ Romi (Original Mix) - Exx Muzik
Your Body - Illyus & Barrientos ft Daniel De Bourg (Extended Mix) - Toolroom
I´m Coming - Wh0 (Extended Mix) - Musical Freedom
Love The Way - David Novacek, Yvvan Back - Finally Records
You - Martin Ikin ft Chenai (Extended Dub Mix) - Toolroom
Love Divine - Riva Starr, Phebe Edwards (Extended Mix) - Defected
Higher Than Ever - King Josdhua & Kay Josh ft Venus (Idol Extended Mix) - Idol Records


2nd hour - Alex Harrington

Real Thing - Alex Harrington (Extended Mix)
Rain Dance - Ali Ghanavi (Original Mix)
Down Low - Dombresky (Exteneded Mix)
Together - Hollaphonic (Original Mix)
The Fix - Alex Harrington (Extended Mix)
Keep Off My Drums - Timmy P (Devstar Mix)
Drop Of The Beat - Matt Weeks 
In Motion - Danny Rhys (Extended Mix)
This Is House - Deeplomatik (Extended Mix)
Mello Yello - Alex Harrington (Original Mix)
Touch - Dillon Francis ft BabyJake (Jaded Remix)
Rosegold Sheets - LaTour & Whitney Veitch (TRND Remix)
Smooth Operator - Sambrns (Extended Mix)
Critical - CamelPhat & Green Velvet
Pump Up The Jam - Technotronic (NIghtfunk Remix)
Feel It - Alex Harrington (Raw Ideology Remix)
Reputation - Joshwa (UK) (Extended Mix)
Oh Shit - Underground Calling, Herrera (ES) (Original Mix)
Blah - Iglesias (Extended Mix)
Dangerous - Alex Harrington (Extended Mix)
Reminiscin - City Of Heaven & Frontier ft 2Nick8 (Original Mix)
Close Enough -Joluca, SOHMI& Thomas Garcia