Radioshow #1159 feat. Sllash & Doppe

1st hour - Tune Brothers

To My Beat - Coqui Selection - Zulu
Flow - Skapes (Original Mix) - Freakin909
All My People In The House - Claude VoNStroke (Original Mix) - Dirty Bird
Clap Back - Visage Music (Original Mix) - Elevation
What The Hell Am I (Drinking In LA) - Ryan Shepard (Extended Mix) - Armada Music
Scream & Shout - Meszca (Extended Mix) - Confession
Bounce Back - J. Worra, Codes, Sophiegrophy (Extended Mix) - Realm Records
Feel That Way - BYOR (Extended Mix) - Musical Freedom
Cold Medina - Looden (Original Mix) - G-Mafia Records
Flame - Illusionize (Extended Mix) - SPRS
From The Back - Frivolous Jackson (Original Mix) - Perfect Driver Music
Shine - Bijou, Dread MC (Original Mix) - Night Bass Records
Shake It - Inndrive (Extended Mix) - Sony
Downstairs - CID (Original Mix) - Night Service Only


2nd hour - Sllash & Doppe

The Power / Go Deep - David Penn & Roland Clark (Sllash & Doppe Edit)
Like What - Cloonee -(Original Mix)
Know It's Love - Lexa Hill (Extended Mix)
I Want You Too - Sllash & Doppe (Original Mix)
Happy - G DOM (Original Mix)
In The Ghetto - Andruss Dmitri Saidi DHAF (Original Mix)
One Day Baby - DiMO (BG)  (Original Mix)
Primavera - Optick & Eftimie (Sllash & Doppe Remix)
The Whistle - Brokenears (Original Mix)
My Back Door - The Downtown Brothers (Supernova Remix)
Soul Ctrl - Chicks Luv Us (Miane Remix)
Soul Train - David Aurel (Original Mix)